Meet the MASA Trainers
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MASA CEO & Founder, Trainer for soccer field players and soccer goalkeepers

Christian has taken his love for teaching, playing, and coaching the beautiful

game of soccer and formed MASA, an academy where athletes of all levels

and ages have the opportunity to further develop their skills in a specific sport

and achieve greatness. He is a certified United Soccer Coaches Goalkeeper Instructor, and always keeps up-to-date with development soccer and goalkeeper-specific training and techniques. Christian Began his training in soccer and goalkeeping during his youth in Germany. He loves sharing his knowledge of the game, and enjoys the privilege of training the next generation of soccer players and goalkeepers.

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Matthew Hall

Chief Operations Officer, and Goalkeeper Training Specialist

As a massive Celtic FC fan, Matthew has roots from County Kilkenny, in the Republic of Ireland. He has been a student of soccer from age 8, with the Greenbelt Raiders Boys and Girls Club. First starting out as a field player at Left Wing, then moving back to Defense, and finally Goalkeeper by age 10. Matthew has a well-rounded look at the game of soccer.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, a Goalkeeper could wear a hoodie or sweatshirt in goal. In the Springtime, from the age of 8 to 13, Matthew also played baseball holding a .312 batting average and a 95% fielding average.

Despite all that, Matthew left his playing duties to take on scorekeeping and statistics duties for the baseball team in 1994. From 1996 to the present, Matthew has focused solely on Goalkeeping and the Euro Style of play in Soccer.

Matthew has trained teams and individual players for the past 27 years. Coaching and youth development is his passion. Matthew still considers himself a student of the game, and relishes every opportunity he has to share his knowledge of sports with other players.

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Trainer for soccer field players, soccer goalkeepers, and tennis players

With over 20+ years of playing soccer and tennis and several years of coaching youth sports, Lauren strives to expand on her current sports and fitness certifications from United Soccer Coaches, Columbia University, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and deliver the most up-to-date industry knowledge to help soccer and tennis players improve their skills and feel confident in their performance.

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Trainer for soccer field players, soccer goalkeepers, and futsal players

From being a left wing midfielder for West Virginia University Men's Soccer Team and a U.S Navy Command fitness leader of 200+ sailors, Juan possesses strong knowledge of fitness enhancement, pre and post workout recovery, futsal, and soccer, and shares it every MASA training session.

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Timothy Flesch

Soccer Youth Development Coach.

Timothy has been involved with soccer for 15 years, playing multiple positions on the field.  He enjoys working with kids and players to help them build their skills and give them tips so they can become better soccer players and improve every day.  Timothy is working towards his certification to become a pro Soccer performance/tactical analyst and Professional Soccer Scout.  Timothy always brings his hardworking and strong work ethic with him on and off the field.




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