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Client Reviews

"Investing in my son’s passion to be a goalie has paid off significantly. Christian has taught my son so many goalie skills and his instructions have paid off. It has been a blast watching my son in goal! Christian has SO many drills that are beneficial! It’s been incredible watching my son progress with his goalie skills over the past 6 months. Christian Eubanks is THE BEST goalie coach!!!! I 100% recommend Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy and Christian!"

                                                            - Jessie Mahaffey

"Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy has really helped me step up my game as a goalkeeper. I've had the pleasure of training with Coach Christian, and I've got nothing but good things to say. Christian puts a lot of effort into planning our sessions, making sure they're both fun and productive. Whether you're just starting out or already in the game, Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy is a top-notch choice for goalkeepers or any other soccer positions. I highly recommend working with them!"

                                                               - Aaron Diehl

"Very skilled and professional. They know what they're doing and will give you the best training that can be offered."

                                                                - Titus Carter

"MASA has provided excellent sports training in the DMV area. I have had a great experience with all the coaches I have encountered!"

                                                                - Brennen Devney

"Christian Eubanks and his team of professionals at MASA have been amazing to work with. His coaching style is accessible and knowledge of soccer is superlative. He is dedicated to his craft, and engages students with a patient and progressive manner. I have come to respect his understanding for goalkeeping mechanics and biomechanics as well. Thanks, Christian, for making me a better, more enlightened athlete and more effective movement coach."

                                                                     - Jonathan Kula

"One of the top coaches in the DMV."

                                                                       - Robert Vernola

"Coach Eubanks is amazing!."

                                                                        - Ian Fields

"Passionate environment for sports with top quality training and instructors."

                                                                            - Sheldon Brown

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