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Vatsayana Kamasutra Telugu Book With Pictures allwesl




Read book online free: download books from the cloud: book description: Kama Sutra in Telugu is a landmark in the history of the history of erotic literature in India. It is a holy book in the Sanskrit-speaking community, and an invaluable work of scholarship on the sexual practices of the Indus Civilization. Vatsayana lived more than 2000 years ago, and like Leonardo Da Vinci, he created a tome whose thesis was both experimental and practical. The book is based on the kama sutra or “road to sexual ecstasy” written by Kullu in a Rajasthani dialect. Kama Sutra is often translated into English as the “Kama sutra,” although this is a typographic error. The correct name of the book is Kama sutra of Vatsyayana, which the author wrote in Sanskrit. Vatsayana is an alternate spelling of Vasishtha, and the kamasutra itself refers to a kamadhenu, which is a sacred cow in Hinduism. The word kamadhenu is a Sanskrit word for “cow.” Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana is a monumental tome of erotica that has been a source of inspiration for those who continue to seek sexual pleasure. The book is divided into 14 chapters, each dealing with a specific part of the human anatomy. Among the chapters are sections devoted to “kama,” “uddharma,” and “moksha,” which are loosely translated as “love,” “virtue,” and “release.” Although the tome deals with various sexual techniques, it takes the path of increasing pleasure and suppressing the common urges to achieve a state of rapture. Vatsayana wrote the kamasutra in a very mysterious manner, and his style of writing was very lengthy. He was clearly a